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About the Hepatitis Beach

HEPATITIS Beach: Lessons Learned from Beaches to Board Room Navigating the pre-#MeToo World

HEPATITIS Beach is a memoir rich in color, invoking the full sense of a world now lost, a world which a young girl faced alone and which made her a woman. The book is enhanced by the inclusion of some of the many letters written by or to Betsy during these years abroad from professional colleagues, family, friends, and lovers.

The memoir speaks to women of all ages giving an insight into the lessons which can be learned by all, of knowledge passed by one generation to another with lessons to be learned by all. Each chapter ends with a summary of these lessons, often light-hearted, some good, some not so good and gives the reader a reminder of just what matters in life.

The book will be of interest to those interested in cultural, medical, and geopolitical issues.  Young women may also benefit from Betsy’s experiences and reflections. The book is a combination of Mountains Beyond Mountains, Untamed and The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks in many ways, with a dash of Eat Pray Love. In its own way, it is a real-life medical adventure featuring a female hero.

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Praise for

Elizabeth Reed Aden

Elizabeth (Betsy) is a native of Berkeley, California. In her professional role, she developed a strong interest in personalized medicine and a passion for its implementation which shines through in her writing.