A Medical Thriller

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Available May 21, 2024

About the Book

When a psychopathic serial killer uses medical technology to exact revenge, epidemiologist Carrie Hediger must investigate to solve the death of her friend.

Convinced her friend has been poisoned, the heroine hones in on the murderer using statistics, persuasion, persistence, and disregard of the rules to trap him.

Genes are the blueprints for the enzymes that metabolize drugs. Drugs are “just right” for about 40% of patients and “too much” or “too little” for the remainder. Outside of the Goldilocks zone, the results can be fatal. This novel is a thrilling story of revenge, justice, and medical investigation that will captivate you.

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Publishes May 21, 2024

Elizabeth Reed Aden

Elizabeth (Betsy) is a native of Berkeley, California. In her professional role, she developed a strong interest in personalized medicine and a passion for its implementation which shines through in her writing.

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